Paneer Tikka Masala
Cottage cheese cooked with onion, capsicum,tomato n creamy sauce
Paneer Masala
Paneer cubes cooked in tomato, onion, spices n herbs
Bombay Potato
Diced dry potatoes cooked with cumin seeds n herbs
Dal Makhani
Lentil delicacy tossed with onion, tomato,garlic, ginger, cream, spices n herbs
Saag Dhingari
Button mushroom cooked in a lightly spiced mild puree n spinach
Malai Kofta
Cottage cheese and mashed potato balls deep fried n tastily cooked in rich creamy sauce

Rice Creations
Nawabi Biryani (Chicken/Beef)
CBasmati rice cooked together with meat of your choice,aromatic spices n herbs
Lamb Biryani
Basmati rice cooked together with lamb,aromatic spices n herbs
Prawn Biryani
Basmati rice cooked together with prawns,dry fruits n herbs
Vegetable Biryani
Basmati rice cooked together with vegetables spices n herbs
Egg Fried Rice
Basmati rice cooked together with eggs and soy sauce, chilli Sauce

Bread from Tandoor
Plain Naan
Butter Naan
Plain flour bread garnished with butter
Garlic Naan
Flour bread with garlic
Onion Naan
Flour bread with onions and spices
Peshwari Naan
Flour bread with cashew, sultana and coconut
Cheese Naan
Flour bread stuffed with cheese
Cheese And Garlic Naan
Flour bread stuffed with garlic and cheese
Chicken Naan
Flour bread stuffed with chicken cooked in clay oven
Keema Naan
Flour bread stuffed with cooked lamb mince
Aloo Naan
Flour bread stuffed with potatoes, spices n herbs
Lachcha Prantha
Wholemeal flour bread stuffed with butter n rolled in layers - a tongue teaser
Plain bread made with wholemeal flour

Children's Speciality
A treat for young Prince & Princess n Patrons
Butter chicken n rice (small portion)
Chicken nuggets n chips

Side Dishes
Sweet Mango Chutney
Sweetened mango pieces diced in mango syrup
Raw mango n vegetable pieces diced in spices n mustard oil
Cucumber, tomato, carrot with dressing
Poppadum (5 pcs)
Crisp spicy lentil treats
Yoghurt flavoured with cucumber, carrot n cumin seeds
Pudina Chutney
Yoghurt blended with mint n spices
Imli ki Chutney
Special sauce made of spices n tamarind
Mix n Match
Choice of any three side dishes from above

Gulab Jamun
Milk powder dumplings soaked in flavored sugar syrup
Mango Lassi
Delicious drink made with yoghurt, mango and sugar
Mango Kulfi
Mango flavored home made ice-cream